Normal 7 Month Baby Weight

7-month-old babies who are below the normal weight often make parents worried. A baby's weight that is less than the body weight should indicate a problem with the nutritional status. This will have an impact on the growth and development of the Little One. Your baby's weight can increase quickly, can slow down, and can even stop temporarily when your little one is sick. Even so, Mother still has to keep an eye on the Little Baby's scales to be aware of failure to grow due to malnutrition. Therefore, it is important to know the normal weight for a 7 month baby and the causes of a baby's underweight. Normal Baby Weight 7 Months 7-month-old baby's weight is influenced by gender, baby's body length, heredity, nutritional intake consumed by Little and the health history of the mother and fetus during pregnancy. Normally, a 7-month-old baby girl has an average weight of 6-9.5 kg, with a length of approximately 63-71 cm. Whereas a 7 month old baby boy weighs 7-1
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